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Light Up Patriotic Garland

Get set for the 4th of July with a red, white and blue lit garland. Take a string of lights and add plastic tablecloth strips and decorative mesh and you are good to go! This simple and quick garland is perfect for indoor or outdoor use!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
-Plastic Decorative Mesh (in red, white + blue)
-Patriotic Plastic Tablecloth
-Indoor / Outdoor string of lights
-Fake Flowers (optional)
STEP 1: Cut Your Mesh and Tablecloth Into Strips
Cut 12" strips out of your decorative mesh with a sharp pair of scissors.
Cut each strip in half so that it is about 1.5"-2" wide. Repeat this step for all 3 colors.
STEP 2: Cut Your Tablecloth Into Strips
Cut your tablecloth into 12 x 1.5" strips as well, so that they match the length of your mesh pieces. Make sure to cut the same amount of both.
STEP 3: Tie Your Strips Onto Your Lights
Starting with your tablecloth strips, tie a piece in between each light on your string of lights.
Go through and in a red, white and blue pattern tie a strand of your decorative mesh next to the strands of tablecloth that are already tied to the strand.
STEP 4: Remove the Floral Buds from Their stems
Pull all the flower buds off of your fake flowers. Make sure you have enough to add them in various places throughout your light strand.
STEP 5: Add the Floral Buds
Tie your buds sporadically throughout the strand to give some added texture and sort of a firework effect.
STEP 6: Hang It up
Hang your completed patriotic strand where you please and plug it in and enjoy!
Here it is all hung up and dressed to impress!
And here it is glowing up a red, white, and blue storm!

Materials used for this project:

  • Decorative Mesh   (Dollar Tree)
  • Plastic Tablecloth   (Dollar Tree)
  • String of Lights   (Bed Bath & Beyond)
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