Asked on Jul 1, 2013

I redid my tub, with tub paint, now the paint is peeling, any suggests

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I follow direction on tub paint can, and now in certain areas the paint is just peeling away, I can not afford to have it done professionally, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in Advance Lisa
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  • Walden Enterprises
    on Jul 1, 2013

    Lisa - even though you may have followed all the directions on the can, it sounds like the problem is adhesion at those spots. If you used the product from a home improvement store that comes in a kit (with a cleaning solution, steel wool, gloves, etc.), you could try just doing the whole process again, being extra diligent where it is peeling. I will tell you that there will be some texture difference where the peeling stops. This tub paint just does not have the "build up" that other paint has. If it really begins to peel, just go for it and remove as much as wants to even think about coming off and then prime with a product called XIM, available at Sherwin Williams. It is a super strong oil-based primer that will bond and seal the surface. Then, re-apply the tub paint and you should be good! Still cheaper than a pro! Good luck. Oh, and be sure and ventilate your work area properly - this is VERY stinky stuff and can be dangerous. No open flame near the work area!

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Jul 1, 2013

    Most paint failures have to do with improper of insufficient prep. If you were working from the "can" I would think the latter. A little residual moisture or a bit of soap scum is all it takes to pose problems. You may have some luck reworking those areas taking extra time in the prep.

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