Narcissus Buffet With Unicorn SPiT

5 Materials
8 Hours

More beautiful than I'd imagined, I still can't believe I created this! Once an ugly mahogany buffet, now a showstopper! The vibrant colors of Unicorn SPiT topped with an epoxy shine resemble flowing waters with a reflection Narcissus would fall in love with!
Serendipity House LLC
After repair and cleaning the buffet, I glued wood appliques to the doors and drawers for depth. I then painted the entire piece in Annie Sloan Florence Chalk Paint. After sanding, I did a wash of Annie Sloan Aubusson by mixing 60/40 paint/water, brushing on and wiping back with a lint free cloth. See how the crevices and texture held the dark Aubusson?
Appliques & wash
I dry brushed some Aubusson and white, then applied a white wax for more dimension and protection.
Dry brushed & waxed
This is the part I know you've been waiting for! The top!!! At this point, the top is painted Annie Sloan Florence. The magic happens when I apply the Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain and Glaze. I used four colors: White Ning, Midnight Blackness, Zia Teal and Blue Thunder. This is how it looked before I blended:
Apply the SPiT
Next I spritzed a generous amount of water so I could blend easily over the porous chalk painted surface. With the palm of my hands, I blended Unicorn SPiT end to end, being careful not to muddy the colors. When dried, I added and blended more SPiT until I was happy. Next I lightly sanded with 400 grit paper and cleaned the surface of dust.
Tung oil application
I applied tung oil finish to seal the Unicorn SPiT. SPiT dries to a chalky finish but comes alive with the oil! Since I wanted the buffet super shiny, I chose to finish with a two part epoxy resin (Famowood)
Narcissus Buffet
And voila!

Suggested materials:

  • Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain and Glaze  (
  • Wood appliques  (D Lawless Hardware)
  • Famowood Epoxy  (
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3 of 16 questions
  • Karen Sayers
    on Apr 10, 2018

    Did you do a first pour to seal it and then a main pour, if so how long did you leave it to dry between pours.

  • Karen Sayers
    on Apr 10, 2018

    Did you do a first pour to seal it and then a main pour, if so how long did you leave it to dry between pours.

  • Louise Despatie
    on Oct 8, 2018

    I am in love. I will do this. A few questions for you....

    1- Is the second picture a bit off color wise? (The one with the Tung oil on it)? Doesn't seem to match the other pics at all!

    2- Can I use Tung and Teak Oil (sold already blended?)

    3- Is this too ambitious a project for a Unicorn Spit newbie? (I have loads of experience with Annie Sloan though)

    Congratulations on your fabulous work.

    • Betsy Stevens
      on May 6, 2019

      Hi, beautiful job! Where do I purchase both the Annie Sloan Florence chalk paint and th Aubusson? Also when I mix the Aubusson with the water, which one is 60 parts. As you can probably tell I'm a Newbie, when you blended the Spit together, is that all you used is the palm of your hands, then when dried you redid the whole thing again, when dry you sanded wiped the dust and used the tung oil right? How many coats of tung oil did you use. One more thing, what is a cling on paint brush. I've been practicing all different kinds of things with my Unicorn Spit. Now to do the real thing. Thank You So Much!


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  • Cathy Kant
    on Jul 12, 2018

    Bought my first bottles of unicorn spit last week. Looking for my first project piece. In the meantime, reading every post I can find and saw this one. Beautiful!

  • Andrea Lavin
    on Sep 6, 2018


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