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Best way to get rid of termites

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  • You really cannot rid your home of termites you can only provide a shield to prevent them from coming in. Ideally a professional contractor that is licensed to do treatments should be consulted. However there are many things you can do to make the termites or for that any insect less likely to infest your home or business. This is called integrated pest management or control. More and more companies are using this method in a way to lower the requirements for chemical treatments. This method of pest management is simply creating an environment that the insects either do not like or cannot thrive in. Then if necessary treat the area with the least amount of chemicals that are necessary to finish the job. With termites they require moisture and a food source. The moisture in the northern states comes from the soil, down south your termite can survive in just the attic and moisture found from the humidity. We can treat our termites with chemical barriers that is picked up by the insect as they travel through it. Or simply by feeding on a chemical treatment stick buried in the ground. In any case you need to create an environment that they do not like. This is done by piping water away from the house. Keeping wood piles away as well. Do not let soil or mulch get to close to the foundation sill area. For spiders, ants etc. Keep the grass cut down and the soil right next to the house dry. Flower beds should be kept away from the house if at all possible. All insects need moisture. The dryer things are the better or easier it is to control them. Got moisture, you go bugs. However being in the southern states, your termites may not be the type that requires living in the soil to survive. Topical treatments and in worse cases complete tenting of the home will be required to remove these pests. In any case you need the services of a professional exterminator familiar with your area, house or building type to properly remove these damaging insects. There is no one best method of removal of these bugs its all dependent upon the conditions in which they are located. As far as buying treatment systems from the big box stores. These treatments do work, but not understanding exactly how they do their job, you may only push the insects into another area of the building where you will not see their activity and by time you do the damage will always be much worse then it would have been if you consulted with a pro.

  • Another well written won't get an answer better than that one. Even homes is our area that have active treatment programs often have termite damage. It just is what it is. Best thing you can do is combine a bait program with an effective drill & injection program every 10 years. Find a solid, local provider with great references....luck!

  • Kelly F
    on May 29, 2012

    I dug a trench around my garage- 2 feet deep and about 1 foot wide. I went to home depot and bought a bunch of that termite killer concentrate. I used a lot of it- mixed in 5 gallon buckets and filled the trench the whole way around the garage. When the bug killer water was gone into the soil I back filled with the dirt that I took out. I also cut away the wood around the garage doors that the termites had eaten- replaced the wood- but did not take it all the way to the ground (I live on the river- lots of moisture etc)- I poured a small concrete pillar under each wood panel that I replaced to create a termite barrier between the ground and the wood. That was over 10 years ago and no termites have returned. Was a bit of work but saved me thousands of dollars.

  • Keller Pest Control
    on Jun 1, 2012

    Hey Kelly I respect your great effort but unfortunately I have some bad news there are two problems with your treatment. First the material you bought will last 3 to maybe if your lucky 9-10 months. Second The objective of the termiticide treatment is to bond the chemical in a continuous barrier around and sometimes under the house. Where you went wrong is the two foot of dirt that you removed and then replaced after you treated the soil below leaves a two foot opening in your barrier since all that soil has no chemical in it. What the studies show is that termites generally forage in the top two foot of soil. You need to treat all the soil from the footing to the top 4 gallons per 10 feet per foot of depth minimum recommended depth 4 feet.An average garage is 24x 24 so the chemical usage is 24 + 24+ 24 +8 + 80 feet you dont treat across the overhead door openings just the posts. so the formula is 80 feet divided by 10 feet equals 8 x 4 gallons + 32 times three to four foot depth equals between 96 and 108 gallons of the mixture.You also need to drill a hole12" apart on any concrete pads adjacent to and attached to the foundation. The door jambs need inside and outside treatment an the slab needs drilled in those areas also.

  • Keller Pest Control
    on Jun 1, 2012

    I disagree with the comment that you can't rid your house of termites. If that was the case I would have quit 26 years ago. With proper treatment and thorough inspections you can and We do eliminate and conrtol termites from homes and in the ground nearby. The new materials are very effective and will dramatically reduce the pressure or amount of termites on your property. In the old days all of our treatments were made with the plan of repelling termite colonies, And when they took Chlorodane off the market it was almost impossible to control termites with the chemicals at taht time ( Dursban TC /Premise /Dragnet / Demon / and so on.) Now the majority of our products are either growth regulators which stop the termites abiltity to molt and are actually passed through the colony. From one termite to another, The other method which is the barrier method as long as you use Termidor the success rate is phenomenal. It is true that you need to remove conducive areas from around and in your home. If the house has wet areas the termites will make a satellite colony and not return to the soil. Now this is for Subteranean Termites and also Formosan.As far as drywoods or dampwoods they are treated by fumigating the structure mainly. But A product called Boracare or Termite Gel baits can be used to help. You need aprofessional for this problem. You wouldn't do your own cancer treatment would you.

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