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My first post - we are currently redoing several of our gardens and wanted to post some before's - Then later some of 2013 summer shots.
A little bit of history - we have lived here almost 22 years. Prior to moving to our 2 1/2 acre property, we lived in town in a newer cape cod with very small yard. I was not a gardener then and my idea of flowers in my yard was mowing around the clover blossoms in the lawn (truly). When we moved, the former owners had some raspberry bushes in back, rock roses in a tiny treated timber framed garden in front, and plastic ferns with cement roots along the house foundation (yes you read that right).
Long story short, I dug up all plastic plants and rock roses, and turned into a yard & garden addict. 22 years later we have about 2 dozen separate gardens and an acre of wild grasses, flowers, and weeds. The wild acre is intended to eventually be a native sand prairie.
Whew, that's the story and here are some posts of that first garden that once held sorry looking rock roses and the back yard that was just and empty vegetable garden. They have all gone through some or many changes and none look the same today.
The small front garden that held flat rock roses from the previous owner. Most of these prairie plants are native to this area.
Another shot of the front garden using various items from my antiques, collectibles and salvage collection.
Another angle shot of the front garden using a mop bucket, childs wooden potty chair, interesting wood pieces, etc
Another angle shot of the front garden using watering cans and wood pieces, etc.
Front patio with some potted plants in various rusty cans, colander, chicken feeder, etc.
One of back yard gardens that once was just overused veggie garden sandy dirt. Mostly annuals here.
Same back yard garden with Hyacinth bean and moonflower covering the arch. Added a fountain and waterfall.
Same year back yard shot with benches that I picked up curbside. They were couch frames with cushions.
This little garden is where our sewer pipe stood all by itself looking very out of place. But the antique vignette by the back of the outbuilding was done hubby.

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