How Do You Take Care of Your Wood Floor?

So you just moved into a new home, or remodeled yours and now have wood floors. What is the best way to care for them and with all the advice out there, how do you decide what is the "best advice?" Whether you are new to wood flooring or had it for years, there is always a handy tip to be picked up to boost their shine and keep damaging scratches to a minimum. The following article has helpful hints to keep your floor looking at its best; especially in the summer when activity and weather can take their toll.
Know the type of flooring you have
Floor mats at entryways help to limit debris and scratches on your floors
Use a Swiffer daily to remove dust
Lightly dampened mop will clean any dirt or smudges allowing your floors to shine

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  • Judy Johnson Wilson Judy Johnson Wilson on Sep 18, 2013
    Murphy's Oil Soap. It does not cause build up, it replenishes the oils that the floor needs to keep from drying out and looking old, and it has a nice smell. I have used it for years on not only floors, but the pews at church, any wood surface will benefit from it. It is very mild, and not harmful to pets. (unless they drink it out of the bucket.. hehe) It does not polish, just cleans very well. You can even use it on highly polish wood, just use a dry cloth to go over the wood with after wiping it down. You will never have polish build up on any surface again, of a need to strip your floors.
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    • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Oct 08, 2016
      KMS speaking of " dullness"I have dull marks on my laminate flooring where I put mats at both my front and back door. Any idea what I can do to bring them back ? I always remove the mats when damp mopping the floor so as to clean the whole floor .TIA
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Sep 19, 2013
    Cleaning wood flooring always depends what it is sealed with it and what the manufactor cleaning guidelines are for your flooring. If you fail to use the guidelines set by the manufactor they can void your warranty on new wood flooring. On newer wood flooring, and on polyurthene sealed flooring using Murphy's soap is not recommended. To is a vegetable based oil cleaner. On newer flooring and polyurthene sealed floors it will leave a build build and dull the shine of the floor. When you are cleaning your flooring you are cleaning the sealer not the wood. The sealer is what is protecting your flooring. Find your cleaning guidelines to your flooring and clean the right way. The generic way of cleaning all wood flooring is a drop or two of dish soap this is only if you have to mop it. If it says it is gentle on your hands it is a very neutral cleaner. Mop in small sections and dry it. Drying is the most important step to take if you have to mop your floors. Water damages wood. So less is better. I use Bona cleaner on mine, but my mothers flooring it streaks. Hers calls for a different brand and she has exotic wood floors. But hers also calls if she has to mop it to use a drop or two of dish soap. Vacuuming without beater bars, cleaning spills right away. Mopping should only be done on a must do basis,
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