Drawers in the Steps

Storage in a small, century home is scarce. So, we are making the most of our space by adding storage drawers in the steps. The project didn't really cost us anything except the cost of the carpet on top of the steps. We dismantled an old changing table/dresser and repurposed the drawers and drawer glides. We attached the drawer glides to the risers and then added the steps on top. You can check out the entire tutorial and more home improvements at:

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2 questions
  • Cheryl
    on Mar 21, 2016

    Do you have a latch of some sort like the pop-open type where you push in on it and it opens up a bit? If not, how do you open them?

    • Edie
      on Sep 26, 2016

      I don't know if anyone else has tried to answer your question since this is already 6 months old, but I would believe ANY hardware store would have the kinds of latches about which you're inquiring. Lowe's, Home Depot, ACE Hardware, etc.. You could also look up these kinds of things online. There are literally hundreds or thousands of sites.

    • Karen Beth Blatcher
      on Oct 29, 2016

      I don't think you understood Cheryl's question. She was specifically asking the blogger what she used , not how or where to get the options and supplies. I wondered to, since I see nothing in the pictures.

    • Earline
      on Dec 5, 2016

      He said he used drawers that slide out

    • A. Saucedo
      on Feb 8, 2017

      But how do you get them to slide out?

    • Vic14721601
      on Feb 21, 2017

      We probably have to go to 'his' website, haven't gone there yet. It is a great idea except it looks to be a bit over my head due to not being a carpenter.

    • Gale Allen Jenness
      on Dec 27, 2017

      There’s a few different ways to make these drawers slide out, depending on your stairs are built you will probably have to build some custom boxing behind your stairs for mounting drawer hardware or the poor man’s way is to mount a board on each side with a dato and then add a strip of wood to each side of your drawer to fit the date to hold your drawer in place for sliding in and out. I personally don’t like this method and drawers are not as easily pulled out or pushed in as it would be with some good drawer guides. Buy drawer guides do get expensive! So all depends what your budget allows you to do? Note: there different drawer guides that either allow your drawer to come out of the opening all but about 4 inches. While they have full extension drawer guides that allows the whole drawer to come completely out of the stairway! So be sure to consider what you really want in a drawer when buying your hardware? Also there are spring loaded stops you can mount behind the drawer face that will stop your drawer at the appropriate spot and then just push on your drawer a little so to spring loaded stop will push your drawer out enough that you can get ahold of it and pull the drawer on out! Again there’s several Choicues in hardware! If you happen to have any friends in the cabinetry trade it be a good time to pick their brains what’s the best way or best hardware to use on your project?
    • Tcs
      on Jan 11, 2018

      What he said 😀
  • Lo
    on Jan 29, 2017

    We're those regular stairs? How did you build drawers into them?

    • Krisihli
      on Sep 26, 2017

      Regular stairs when built have 2 parts the top, tread, is the flat part covered with carpet. Under that is the space called the riser, this space maybe filled in or open. Out side you may have seen stairs with only the tread and the riser is open to the air.

      If your stairs are inside your home they most likely have a riser board attached you can cut them out.

      You then get or make drawers that fit in that opening and attach the shelves sliding rails. Yes you could install a variety of latches mechanical, magnetic or even a push pull units, you push in and the pop out to allow you to pull them open.

      It is a bit of an advanced project as attaching drawer rails is simple yet you must pay attention to the details.

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  • Jill
    on Jun 30, 2019

    Thank you for sharing! I went to your blog for the more detailed how-to and was glad I did! I have absolutely no storage on the second floor of my house and kept thinking that I could utilize the space under the stairs leading to the attic somehow! This will do the trick! Thanks again!

  • Amy
    on Nov 3, 2019

    I cant get your link to work. It took me to a viagra site! 🤭🤭🤣 can you send me it in these comments please?

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