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I was in the market for a new mat for the outside of our main door (we use our side door as our main entryway), but I wanted something large to take up the space, so I found this plain woven coco doormat, which ended up fitting perfectly in front of the door outside. My husband works construction and comes home everyday with super dirty boots, so the coarseness of the mat is great for knocking off the excess dirt and mud from his feet while still looking cute for when guests come over.
I'm loving my new outdoor welcome mat! I know my guests will get a kick out of this when they come over for my next gathering.
As part of my prep work for this project, I originally printed out a quatrefold design and the word "Welcome" (it took 3 pages to print the whole word out as big as I could make the font so I taped them together). Once I was halfway through my first few steps, I decided to scrap the quatrefoil and "Welcome", and just went with "Y'all." I also ended up not using black spray paint, but metallic gold instead.
*Note: This project only cost me $32 because I had all of the supplies on hand. All I had to buy was the mat itself (it's 26"x42"--HUGE!) and the red spray paint.
STEP 1: Paint Background
I have a confession: I went a little crazy with this door mat. I was intending for a simplistic approach and it just didn't go as I had planned, so with that-- my first step was painting my entire mat. I chose an aqua blue spray paint and stayed away from the edges. If you want extra help with staying off of your border, simply block it off with painters tape.
STEP 2: Cut out your stencil.
I was thinking I could use the "positive" cutout for my stencil but the font I used for "Welcome" just wasn't going to work so I x'd it altogether. I recommend a simple, fat font (i.e.: nothing too scripty).
STEP 3: Secure your stencil (sorry, no close up photo)
Use straight pins to hold your stencil in place.
STEP 4: Paint edges (optional)
I decided I wanted a little POP added to my mat so I used painters tape to block off the edges and sprayed them with metallic gold spray paint.
Though it was not my original vision, I'm happy with how my simple "Y'all." extra large door mat came out. It's totally a testament to my personality and love for my roots.

Suggested materials:

  • Extra large outdoor mat  (Amazon)
  • Spray paint  (Home Depot)
  • Straight pins  (JoAnns)
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  • Linda Hunt
    on Jun 24, 2016

    I would like to try making stencils myself, but I have no clue what material I should use to make the stencil itself. If you happen to see this would you please let me know what materials I can use that will stand up to repeated use? Thank you kindly, Linda

    • Linda Youngblom
      on Jun 28, 2016

      For stripes or plaids you could use painters tape, blue or the green frog tape. You could maybe make slight curves with it too.

    on Jun 24, 2016

    Love the design, will probably try this.Do you buy paint at the local hardware store? I try to buy with local stores since it helps with the local economy.

      on Jun 26, 2016

      I am lucky I have a local hardware store plus Home Depot and Lowes however I try the local hardware store first.

  • Leslie
    on Jun 24, 2016

    Does paint come off on your shoes/feet?

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