Teeny Tiny Little Gnome Home & Garden!

I'm in the process of making tiny gnome home and garden!
The garden is already there in an old top of a birdbath that is just on the ground at the place we rent in VT. I think I need to clean the garden up. But shall I add more moss? And I am thinking about making a teeny tiny twig bench...what do you think? Or any other suggestions for the garden? ALSO...this is what I have so far on the Gnome Home. What do you think. I was just going to make it out of wood, but then decided to go twig and now I think the front looks a bit odd. What do you think if I add twigs around the window and door? Or should I just cover the whole front with twigs. If I do that...how do I make a door and window? I have 37 days to finish it all for the cutest most adorable little twin gnome nieces ever that are going to visit!
q teeny tiny little gnome home garden, gardening, The not done gnome home in the not done gnome garden
The not-done gnome home in the not-done gnome garden!
q teeny tiny little gnome home garden, gardening, Close up of Gnome Home as is
Close up of Gnome Home as is!
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