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how do I paint laminate furniture ?
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  • Clean the surface and apply an Alkyd Bonding primer. This will ensure adhesion of the paint to the surface. Then apply 2 coats of Ben Moore " Advance" Alkyd paint in the color of your choice. Use a mohair roller (doesnt shed) and you will get a beautiful surface that is very durable. If you dont have a Benjamin Moore store near you, you can use Sherwin Williams Pro Classic. Again, you want their Alkyd paint and primer. They also sell the mohair rollers.

  • Donna keller
    on Jul 4, 2013

    I'll do it Thanks

  • I heard Styx is a great primer for this type of project. I just used this for the first time on a cabinet job - and it had some bleed through from grease. When I went to the store to ask about it - they said that Styx would "stick" to anything but it was not a stainblocker. I bought mine at Ben Moore but I think Lowe's carries it as well. The tough part of your job is getting the paint to hold. Sand and use the best primer you can find for your particular circumstance or else you will run into heartache as I just did on my cabinet job by not reading the label and asking questions! Good Luck!

  • Traci
    on Jul 6, 2013

    I just finished painting my kitchen island with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic (mentioned above) and I loved it. It dries quickly and I have had no trouble with the drawers sticking to the frame. I use The Gripper Primer and I find it bounds well to all surfaces. Good luck with your project. Traci

  • Jeffrey Whitmer
    on Jul 7, 2013

    I use XIM top of the line, black label waterborne primer for laminate, Not for anything finished with oil based paint. Lot easier to work with. Scuff up surface with sandpaper/or pad. Wipe down with denatured alcohol (won't leave any film) and spray the primer and the finish I have known it to pass the scratch test as soon as a half hour on laminate. It It has become easier for a homeowner to acquire an affordable sprayer. Cup gun, HVLP, or just a few(or a lot) of spray paint cans! Finish with some clear urethane and it will protect against scratches. An urethane alkyd/oil topcoat will get you harder surface which makes it easier to clean, more durable. Don't try to cover previously painted solvent based finishes (oil based), for these you need an oil based primer too. More at Dynamic Daytona Beach Painter.

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