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I recently lost my sister and I would like to make something my niece can put in my sister's garden. I would also like to make something for inside my niece's home. Maybe something with my sister's obituary . I'd really appreciate your ideas.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 16, 2016
    I am sorry for your loss. Heres a site that may give you some visual ideas.

  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Jun 16, 2016
    I once made a garden stone out of concrete that could be used to commemorate your sister. I had a picture of a sunflower in a colouring book that appealed to me. I placed coloured glass over the different parts of the flower and traced the outlines with magic marker and used a glass cutter to cut out out the different shapes that I needed to recreate the flower. (You could use your sister's favourite flower.) I placed the pieces at the bottom of a deep round foil plate and gently poured cement over the pieces . I bought the ready mix type that you simply add water to at Home Depot. When the cement hardened, I removed the mould and inverted the stone to display the flower, and set it in the ground.

  • Connie Connie on Jun 16, 2016
    This is such a nice thing that you want to do for her. May she find comfort and peace in the abundance of love of family and friends. Ask for a favorite picture of her and her mother. You could then put this in a water proof frame by decopaging it.

  • Leona G Leona G on Jun 16, 2016
    When my mother past I did a Red Hat Lady in clay using her photo for the details of the winkles in her face. Depending on how artistic you are you could do something like that or make a collage of some of your sisters' favorite things such as pictures, a necklace or earrings or some other things that she really liked.

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Jun 17, 2016
    I am sorry to hear about her. Sisters are special aren't they? Did she collect anything? I collect snails and my family knows that each family member is to take 10 of their favorites. If she collected something you can't use outside, perhaps that would work indoors like in a china hutch or shadow boxes. For the garden, perhaps a fountain with lights. Here is a link that might help.

  • Faye Campbell Faye Campbell on Jun 17, 2016
    Thanks Sue. It helped that I had coloured glass on hand as I had dabbled in stained glass and also had a grinder that I could use to smooth the edges of the pieces I cut out (but you can use coarse, medium then fine emery cloth to do the job). When we sold the house and moved into a condo, I gave the garden stone to a friend to place in her yard.

  • Debbie Spilsbury Debbie Spilsbury on Jun 17, 2016
    When my identical twin passed (far, far too soon), I knew I wanted to do something with all the loud and crazy costume jewelry she loved. The bigger and brighter the batter to her. So I divided all of the jewelry (minus the heirloom pieces and ones that had a great sentimental value) and put a handful onto each concrete stepping stone I made for each f her four children. I had thought it would be just a mish-mash cemented together with no congruity but I was amazed......there were enough pieces, mostly earrings, to make each stone a reflection of her and once they were all leveled and them grouted, Voi'la! They almost have a mosaic look to them! Most put them near their front yard close to their front door walkway. A little burlap yard sign with her first name initial and they each have their own 'memory garden' to bring peace and comfort to their hearts. Prayers for healing and comfort to you as well, Sue.

    • Sue Sue on Jun 20, 2016
      Thank you Debbie for the kind words. My sister used to make jewelry. There are quite a few pieces left, also beads & various other items she used in her jewelry. I've decided to make stepping stones for her garden using some of these pieces. One will say Carol's Garden. My brother-in-law & niece love the idea.

  • KatAych KatAych on Jun 17, 2016
    When my Dad passed away in 2014, my Mom made all of the kids and grand kids throw pillows covered with different pendleton shirts that he wore. As for a garden remembrance, what about taking some treasured items and making a wind chime? Could be as simple as different utensils, or mixing some jewelry or other personal mementos in with it. I had a friend who made a beautiful thing for a co-worker after her husband passed (they were all very close friends) - she got several large, flat rocks and wrote different facts/sayings/jokes attributed to the husband on them and coated them with epoxy for protection. The wife says she often closes her eyes and reaches in, and reads the rock. It always makes her remember special moments.

    • Sue Sue on Jun 20, 2016
      Thank you KatAych! I,m gonna use that idea for a quilt.

  • Yvette Spicer Yvette Spicer on Jun 17, 2016
    For inside your niece's home you could make a pillow of a favorite blouse, or a teddy bear from a wool sweater. I understand that the teddies are very popular.

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    • Yvette Spicer Yvette Spicer on Jun 21, 2016
      What a wonderful remembrance piece! You're niece will cherish it forever.