Asked on Jul 4, 2013

Bright orange walls in breakfast room

Eroque022810Debbie DoucetBecky Greenwald


I just painted my kitchen and adjoining breakfast room orange. I love it in the kitchen, but it is a little overwhelming in the breakfast room. Any suggestions as to what to do other than re-painting the breakfast room? If I do repaint, what color might I use to compliment the orange in the kitchen?
Picture of breakfast room wall
Opposite side of breakfast room
Breakfast room looking into kitchen. Yes, replacing those icky countertops
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  • Miriam I
    on Jul 4, 2013

    Elaine, do you have a picture? That will help a lot.

  • Christine Brault
    on Jul 4, 2013

    You could try sponging a darker more muted shade on top. If you also use a different finish on the new color (example a flat vs the previous glossy) , the overlay of both will create texture.

  • Liliana Wells
    on Jul 5, 2013

    Accessorize with contrasting colors. I personally like white: curtains, placemats, white dishes and so on

  • Patricia Cleveland
    on Jul 7, 2013

    Like Miriam said, a pix is worth a 1,000 words, especially when you're dealing with color!

  • Becky Greenwald
    on Apr 21, 2015

    Get some things up on the walls, finishing putting in all your decor, then step back and look. I think it will be just fine.

  • Debbie Doucet
    on Apr 21, 2015

    since your have yellow in kitchen, try bringing it into the eating area with accents---maybe some sunflowers or something

  • Eroque022810
    on Sep 8, 2016

    I want to paint but area only over soffit. I would repaint by window what ever color your tile is and also the half wall under the counter in same color. I think. Your biggest problem is your table can you lighten it up with either paint or circular placemats in same color you paint. It's just that everything is same color. If you can, and I hate this but put an area rug, circular and as large as the area allows if you can't paint table top and chairs. I love the color what is is and by whom? How long is that wall and what is opposite maybe you can make it stop at tile and just repaint from there. But it's your table everything just blends and so it's overwhelming, wall loses interest and focal point and room becomes darker and blah. I hope this helps.

  • Eroque022810
    on Sep 8, 2016

    I just looked again you can stop at that wall and leave the family room wall as is make table wall the focal point. Since you have that large door which let's light in still brighten up table with mates and get rug which will be hard to keep clean but you can send it out twice a year. Except for your lack of soffit your house is like mine now I can see that I am going to love it. I plan on leaving kitchen window area alone as well as eat in kitchen because I have soffit to paint on one side. Anyway I think it was brave of you and don't let it get you down you just brighten up what you can but think about the wall by outside door and how much brighter it would be.

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