Asked on Jul 5, 2013

What can I use on pea gravel to keep them from moving.

Douglas Hunt


I have a pathway of large pavers going from my deck to the pool. In between each paver I have pea gravel to fill in. The gravel is constantly in the grass and all over the pavers. It is such a mess. Plus, my dog, eats them. What can I use to stabilize the gravel and keep them from scattering everywhere. I tried the paver sweep and it lasted a couple of weeks. Wasn't a permanent solution. Help!!!!!
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 5, 2013

    Tammy, there is a product that will help, I just can't tell you the name of it! I had the same situation with the crushed coquina base on my new patio. The guy who installed it came back and sprayed some sort of sealer on it which basically "glued" the coquina together. I would inquire at your local stone yard.

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