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Using a Picture Frame to Create a "Wreath" for Your Door

I wanted to do something a little different for my front door for the Independence Day and came up with this fun Fourth of July DIY Wreath. I am using the term "wreath" loosely here. I spotted this fabric on sale at JoAnn and decided it would go perfect with my Ikea UNG DRILL frame.
I began with an Ikea Ung Drill frame. This is a plastic frame that comes with glass, but I have taken the glass off of the frame to use it in a number of different ways. My frame came in black, I spray painted it gold.
I spotted this vintage looking patriotic fabric at JoAnn and knew this would be perfect for the look I was going for.
I propped my frame up on a chair where I could access both sides of it and began by gathering the fabric into a little pouf and tying it onto the frame. I used a non-descript ribbon that would blend in with the fabric if it was seen.
I only wanted to use ribbon and wire to attach things to the frame so that the frame could be used again for other uses.
Repeat the process, tying the fabric in poufs so that it drapes in a way that is attractive to you. I ended up tying mine in just 3 places so the fabric draped down one side of the frame.
The next step was to add some American flags at the spots where the fabric was gathered. I used wire to attach the flags.
There you have it, a vintage looking door decoration for the Fourth of July.

Materials used for this project:

  • Fabric 1 and 1/2 Yards   (JoAnn)
  • Frame   (Ikea)

To see more: http://celebrateanddecorate.com/fourth-july-diy-wreath/

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