Bathtub calking

would this work ??? we flipped an older home and had it leveled..we bought a bathtub with the surround. when we attached it, one side is off showing a bigger space. was wondering if we could fill the space with the can foam insulation and then caulk it??????
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  • Judy Johnson Wilson Judy Johnson Wilson on Jul 05, 2013
    you can do that, after you shim it first. The foam isn't strong enough by itself to hold the surround in place tightly. So shim, foam, caulk. And you may also need to add a piece of wood trim from top to bottom to complete the look.

  • Troye M Troye M on Jul 06, 2013
    what is shim ???? The tub surround is already in place and is as tight as it is gonna fit. plus they have already put all the screws, etc into the wall. just wanting to fill in the space between the wall and the tub. and it is fiberglass.....dont know what shim is????

  • April April on Jul 08, 2013
    @Troye M - I think she means a piece of wood or other material to wedge between it in addition to the foam and calk. More info about shims can be found here:

  • Nope will not last. You need to fill the space with something solid such as a shim. But wood is not suggested. It will rot if moisture leaks. How large of a space are you talking about?

  • Troye M Troye M on Jul 10, 2013
    The bigger side..I can put my index finger in. The smaller side is a space like you would normally caulk.

  • My suggestion then would be to install a 1/4 round or a cove shaped tile around the whole tub then grout and caulk. While you can use a closed cell backer rod, which is a foam rod shaped material that does not absorb moisture, the caulking would need to be perfect all the time or risk water seepage. The tile will fill the gap, and if placed all the way around the tub will make it look more even. Making it look as though it was designed that way.