From my garden family to yours!

I just love these "guys" I get so many comments from friends about them. Unlike SheilaG tho , I haven't named them. A woman on the Oregon Coast at a beach fair was selling them a few years back. She said these were the last, she wasnt making them anymore. Too bad, I could have sold plenty for her.
So now I am looking for roundish rocks to put faces on!
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  • Pam Pam on May 25, 2012
    These are just adorable. She has a great talent. Too bad she stopped. The faces look so real. I love the way she used the shape of the rocks to make the rocks faces come to life.
  • Susan S Susan S on May 25, 2012
    Wow - the detailing is absolutely awesome - they have such a 3 dimensional look and that's all created by paint??? So if you find a supply of roundish rocks are you gonna "bead" them?? lol
  • Teresa D Teresa D on May 25, 2012
    cute and creepy!
  • Bernice H Bernice H on May 26, 2012
    Actually these are made out of forms, molds....if that is how you say it. Then she painted them,and coated them with something, but they have the 3 dimensional to them from the molds. They have wrinkles, different noses, and i love the mom's lips, Even the color comes from the material she made them out of, so they are not all the same color. Yes, if i find suitable rocks, I was going to use half marbles. Unless I find something better. I keep saying I am a copier, not very original on my own.
  • Susan S Susan S on May 26, 2012
    Well it's not really "copying" - just using things as inspiration!!! I wonder where she found the moulds (or whatever they are called) and what she used to form the stone??? Plaster of Paris wouldn't hold up outside (tried it) so obviously it was something that was water proof. Oh well, another one of life's mysteries!! If you went to a garden center you could get river rock. They're very smooth and some are pretty good size. Of course if you have to buy a boatload - then I guess you'll have lotsa rocks for landscaping or something! I meant actual "beads" like you used on the gourds - as in, are you a glutton for punishment??? LOL
  • Bernice H Bernice H on May 26, 2012
    Oohhh... never thought of a garden center for stones. or a landscaping place! Good idea Susan! I have a neighbor who has lots of roundish stones in her yard, suppose she would notice? But I would be the first person she woudl think of if some were missing, since I already commented on them! No, no more boatloads of anything ..I still have a boatload of dishes and marbles!
  • Susan S Susan S on May 26, 2012
    Hey - google Rock Face Moulds and search out websites. I just did and there are places that have the face moulds - still don't know what you use to form the faces - product wise. I actually saw a couple just like the ones you have!!