Asked on Jul 6, 2013

SOS for My Tomato Plants!!!

Maureen DurnoVickey HenningCaley's Culinaries


All was well with my tomato plants here in Winter Haven, FL until two days ago when I noticed the icky invaders pictured here. Does anyone know what they are and what I can do about them? Thanks in advance.
These white spots range in size and shape the largest being about 1/8" long.
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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 6, 2013

    You're very brave attempting to grown tomatoes in the height of summer in Florida, Vickey. The plants usually won't set fruit because it is too hot. It looks to me like you have some scale on your plants. Try a good commercially available insecticidal soap, making sure to heed any label warning about temperature when you apply.

  • Judy Johnson Wilson
    on Jul 6, 2013

    If that is a type of aphid there, A mild dish soap and water spray all over the plant and both sided of the leaves should take care of them.

  • Eff195329
    on Jul 6, 2013

    Looks like mealy bug to me. You can use rubbing alcohol and q-tips to remove or an insecticidal soap. But you've got to be diligent.

  • Caley's Culinaries
    on Jul 6, 2013

    I think we all win a prize! Soft scale or baby mealy bugs. Either way you will need soap and diligence. You might also try dusting the fool out of them with diatomaceous earth. You could use both. Whichever way you go, avoid the flowers. Good luck!

  • Vickey Henning
    on Jul 6, 2013

    Thanks to all. I'm on the case and will let you know the outcome. I am growing them in 5 gallon buckets so it's been a breeze. I also used the idea of planting basil to keep pests away but removed it and put it in it's own container between the tomatoes once it outgrew it's welcome by possible draining the nutrients from the tomatoes. Hometalk has been a real blessing for many projects this year.

  • Maureen Durno
    on Jul 7, 2013

    spent coffee grounds are good with most things...either add a little water or as powder...also if you add egg shells to the hole where you plant it makes the plant stronger (potassium) hope it helps xx

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