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What is Blooming in My Yard Today

Day Lilies, Moon Flower and my Trumpet Vine Blooming against my Garden Shed, Morning View and Evening View......:)
Evening View of My Trumpet Vine against my Garden Shed....with Lilies and Moon Flowers
Evening View of My Trumpet Vine against my Garden Shed....with Lilies and Moon Flowers
Morning View
Morning View
Trumpet Vine, Day Lilies & Moon Flowers against my Garden Shed.
Trumpet Vine, Day Lilies & Moon Flowers against my Garden Shed.

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  • Erica Hobbs
    on May 20, 2016

    Once you have it growing all over the place, how can you get rid of it? I got a few plants through "freecycle" and now I find it everywhere. I love hummingbirds, but this vine it too invasive.

    • Txt4258973
      on May 20, 2016

      @Erica Hobbs The only two ways to get rid of this pest is either digging up all the rootstock or using a chemical like tebuthiron. Glyphosate will only make it mad.

  • Ruth
    on May 21, 2016

    How do you get rid of it? Unless you have a spot far away from your yard, Don't plant this, cause it will go everywhere and is hard to get rid of it. Beautiful plant, but hate it since it takes over.

    • Doris R Colwell
      on Jan 26, 2017

      it will kill a weeping bed in no time

    • Helen Bajorek
      on Mar 9, 2017

      Do not plant it next to a house as the vine will grow under your wood pieces. And pop them outward. That's what happen to mine. They grow and will not stop. I dig all the new plants out each year. If I see a plant I dig it out. The roots grow all over.

    • Toni
      on May 1, 2017

      We inherited a house. They had this vine on back fences & any & every other place it can crawl. We finally got rid of it after 20 something years of growth. We had to cut it off everything ! Then attacked it's main root ! We cut & cut & poured salt on it .Finally no new growth. Do not let it get a strong hold on your property !
    • Chris
      on May 10, 2017

      OMG! It was the bane of my existence when I lived in Alabama. The roots must have already been there when we built the house because no matter what we did, new shoots would pop up all the time. The only thing we could do was cut it and drip weed killer on the roots. We never did fully contain it. I read that even the smallest pieces can propagate, so you can't just mow it with a lawnmower without spreading it.
  • Linda Thomas
    on May 29, 2016

    I live in Michigan, I've had one for 10 yrs. And I can't get it to grow. All this time and I have only had one flower on it. It starts from the ground every year but it looks dead in the spring. What can I do to get it to grow? Linda

    • Carol
      on Jun 3, 2016

      It is supposed to look dead in the spring. Leave it alone and it will grow and grow and grow. Trim it in the fall if you want the size to to stay smaller.

    • Linda Thomas
      on Jun 3, 2016

      Thanks ,But I leave it alone and the dead stuff still looks dead in mid summer so my husband cuts it off. Because it is dry ans brittle. Any other ideas?Add an answer...

    • Sue c.
      on Jun 9, 2016

      They need a lot of sun and good soil. We have very hard blue clay in part of our yard and good stuff elsewhere. The vine in the clay struggled for years just as you described yours- then it died. the one we put it full sun with better soil thrives and Humming birds love it! Maybe you need to move yours or get another one and give it sun and better soil. As far as runners go we just cut them off or burn them with a flame trimmer. No problem.

    • Carol
      on Jul 21, 2016

      Mine is in OK soil, nothing spectacular and is only in sun part of the day. It absolutely grows like crazy. I have to keep cutting it back. It always looks dead until sometime in June and then you can't stop it. I also live in Michigan

    • Linda Thomas
      on Jul 21, 2016

      Thank You All. I will move it this fall. I have added all kinds of things around it. I added mulch this year cause I thought the spot might be too dry.. It was so nice of you all to answer. Thanks again !! Linda

    • Nancy Bilava
      on Oct 12, 2016

      spade around the plant, and that will make it blood.Run a spade straight into the ground, so as to sever the roots, it will force bloom. I love them if planted with caution.

    • Mary
      on Apr 11, 2017

      We had this when we bought our house. It spreads everywhere. I moved a large part to the north side of the house to help camouflage my chain link fence, and have had to fight it there too. It does look pretty but omg'ish. It is a pain. I also have two very large black walnut trees, and a yard full of creeping charlie. The triplets of invasives.
    • Michelle
      on May 6, 2017

      Kill it now, before it takes over your entire yard! I have had one for 10 years and it's coming up everywhere in my yard. I live in a desert climate and anytime I water another plant, the Trumpet Vine finds its way to it and takes over.

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  • Mary Crose
    on Sep 17, 2016

    In a spray bottle pour water Dawn dish soap, Vinegar and baking soda shake all ingredents together (mix well) spray in a small area and in the next few days repeat if the leaves and flowers turn brown continue use if not add more Dawn and vinegar let us know if it works I have been told it is a great mixture and will not harm children or pets

  • Dawn
    on May 12, 2017

    We have one by our deck. It has only flowered 2x in 14 years. We cut it back several times in the summer to keep it from falling over and taking down the trellis. Hate it!
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