12 Shiplap Ideas That Are HOT Right Now

You might want to redo every wall in your home after you see these - Gorgeous!!

By Hometalk Highlights

Add shiplap detailing around your fireplace

Highlight your favorite decor details with just a splash of shiplap.

Hang thin unfinished planks of pine

This kitchen went from plain to plain gorgeous after this little farmhouse update.

Paint your planks a dreamy, soft white

Adding that dreamy sheen of white will make your shiplap walls look even more rustic.

Stagger planks of plywood for an accent wall

One shiplap wall is all it takes to brighten a dim room!

Fake a shiplap backsplash with a sign

You don't have to actually update your walls - just cover them in a planked sigh & fake it.

Stick long planks up on an empty wall

Though the staggered look is popular, the planked style is super hot too.

Frame & plank the top half of a blank wall

Add just half a wall of shiplap to get the look on half the budget!

Use wide maple boards with a light whitewash

For a gentler look, lightly wash your shiplap with white, instead of a stark cover of paint.

Hide the seams for full-planked style

Even if your boards are shorter, you can hide the seams at the ends to make it look crisp.

Copy the look in small spots with a pencil

Fake shiplap on a backsplash or other small area by making lines with a pencil.

Or redo an entire room with penciled planks

If you have enough patience, you can makeover an entire room in shiplap style using a pencil!