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Green Mirror Cleaner -- Using Old Newspapers!

I got this great trick from my dear friend Cori. It's her favorite green cleaning trick -- she actually describes it as "life changing". She uses newspaper and water to clean her mirrors and windows. The newspaper takes off all the smudges, dirt, makeup etc. and doesn't leave any streaks behind. Easy eco cleaning, for the win!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials
Time: 2 Minutes Cost: $1 Difficulty: Easy
I balled up some leftover newspaper pieces and grabbed a spray bottle full of water.
This mirror looks like it's had some teenage girls using it. (Makeup and smudges EVERYWHERE!) Step 2: Spray on Some Water
I used a spray bottle filled with water, but you could also just flick some water on the mirror with a wet hand. Step 3: Wipe with Newspaper
Then, wipe your mirror with the crumpled up newspaper just as you would with a cloth and chemical cleaner.
I found that I didn't have to wipe so much -- and that streaks were nowhere to be found!
And that's it! This trick is teenage-girl proof! No all that's left is to enjoy that beautiful, smudge free reflection.

Materials used for this project:

  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • Spray bottle (optional)   (Dollar Store)
  • Louise Wilson Lee
    Louise Wilson Lee New Berlin, IL
    on Jul 9, 2016

    Using newspaper works good cleaning windows but you have to watch that the newspaper ink doesn't discolor any light color trim around Windows/mirrors. I have gone to local newspaper printer and they have end rolls of plain newspaper that usually they will give you.

  • Ellen
    Ellen Southington, CT
    on Jul 9, 2016

    You may also want to consider the printing ink hand prints you may be leaving around the house as you clean, from the newsprint. I discovered this the HARD way! Perhaps THAT'S what Windex is for! ;)

  • Audrey Trubshaw
    Audrey Trubshaw Portland, OR
    on Jul 9, 2016

    I've used newspaper to clean windows for years but I've always added vinegar to the water in the spray bottle, about 1 part vinegar. The windows really shine.

  • Peggi Tebben
    Peggi Tebben Granbury, TX
    on Jul 9, 2016

    Doubtful if it was teenagers who wrote on the mirror , unless they are into vintage music. "867-5309/Jenny" is a 1981 song written by Alex Call and Jim Keller and performed by Tommy Tutone that was released on the album Tommy Tutone 2, on the Columbia Records label. It peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #16 on the Billboard Top Tracks chart in May 1982 (see 1982 in music).[2] The song caused a fad of people dialing 867-5309 and asking for "Jenny".[3][4]

    • Shawna Bailey
      Shawna Bailey West Orange, NJ
      on Jul 11, 2016

      Great catch Peggi! You are literally the only person to see that. Hope you enjoyed it.

  • Linda
    Linda Roberts, IL
    on Jul 9, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. I agree with Audrey that made a comment. I have done the same thing for years. Doesn't leave any lint on the windows either. An the vinegar really makes them shine and smells good to.

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