Asked on Jul 8, 2013

Flowers but no squash

Dawn HowardDebra DGerri Snyder


Every year I get dozens of squash blossoms but never any fruit. The blossoms are the ones that are on the stem rather than down near the base of the plant. What am i doing wrong?
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  • Virginia
    on Jul 8, 2013

    The plants are not being pollinated. First, assuming you have more than one plant.... The plants put out "male" and "female" flowers. The male being on a longer stem will usually bloom first. Try picking a male flower and using it to pollinate the female flowers. Or use a small paint brush to pollinate. Good luck!

  • Gerri Snyder
    on Jul 8, 2013

    I don't seem to have any female flowers.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 9, 2013

    Squash often only produce male flowers at first. Perhaps your female flowers are just slow in arriving.

  • Gerri Snyder
    on Jul 12, 2013

    Thank you for the suggestions but this doesn't answer my question because I never end up getting any female flowers to even self-pollinate. ( This has happened for several years - it doesn't seem to matter where I plant them either!

  • Debra D
    on Jul 12, 2013

    Are you starting from seed or nursery plants? You might try to get them from a different source, or try a different variety. You can get your soil tested at the County Extension office to make sure you don't need amendments. This year I have yellow summer squash going gangbusters and my zuchinni are really slow. I just replanted more seed a few weeks ago, and I have a lot of small fruit coming on, so the new zuchinni looks like it's going to produce well. It must really like it hot, because south Texas in July/August IS Hell. Good luck!

  • Dawn Howard
    on Jul 15, 2013

    I had a problem with my jack-be-littles not producing until the season was almost over. -- I figured it out a couple years later, the town was spraying for mosquitos which in turn killed the bees too.

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