Asked on May 29, 2012

Central Air can't keep up with the heat.

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My central air was working fine yesterday (outside temp 86, inside temp 74). Today (86-90F), around noon, the air was running but the temp in the house kept rising till 79. Now, almost 10 hours later, it's at 78. The air coming out of the vents are only slightly cool. What could be the problem?
I will be calling an AC guy tomorrow but just wanted to know quickly what could be the issue.
Thank you.
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  • Hi, Sent you text. I can be there tomorrow. Or based on the time now, today. Your most likely low on gas in the unit. Check to see if ice has built up on large suction pipe, the one with the black foam on the pipe. If so that is the reason for your issue. If not you need to check the outside unit to see if its running. I think last year we had a broken wire? In any case I will see you soon. Try to keep cool. Bob

  • Susan
    on Aug 16, 2015

    YES! Many people have been told by their doctors to have them cleaned. Just think about all that stuff blowing into your home!

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