Asked on May 29, 2012

My kenmore elite fridge (5 yrs. old) interior lights wouldn't shut off and melted the housing that holds the 2 bulbs.

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It smelled like fire and the side of fridge was very warm. I took out the bulbs and all seems to be ok, but now (6 mos. later) the ice is melting and the shelf between fridge and freezer is super hot!! I took out the bulb in the freezer and it did not help. I turned it off to reboot (if posssible) to no avail. I pulled it out to unplug and it felt like a heater was on. I unplugged it and am wondering what is going on? Possible defect?
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  • 3po3
    on May 30, 2012

    Yikes. Have you tried to contact Kenmore? Sounds like a defect to me. Definitely worth asking the manufacturer about it. I just Googled this, and it sounds like it's not a unique problem. Trying calling this number: 1-800-695-7026 Have your model and serial numbers handy.

  • There is a heater built into the cabinet that defrosts the freezer and keeps the fridge side dry. it sounds as though the controlling device has stuck on the on position. You need to get an appliance professional there right away. Check with Sears on this. There may be a defect or recall on your unit. Make sure you have model and serial number ready. This is found on the inner door area or in the fridge cabinet somewhere.

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