Garden Frustration (lots of Pictures)

Well my garden is not going to be as productive this year as last year. A job change and the weather have been major players.

Eleven months ago (well into the 2012 gardening season) I accepted a management position and some of the effects or consequences have definitely been felt this year along with the crazy weather. I have finally come to the conclusion that I just have not been able to spend as much time on the garden. There are several things that I just have not gotten planted that I really wanted to and now it is simply too late for some of the stuff.

We have had to spend time replacing a fencing system that we installed last year as a temporary measure for keep deer and rabbits out of the worked for the deer, but the rabbits ate through it. We have spent time adding more raised beds and laying down weed barrier and wood chips for the pathways. We have also accomplished reworking some of the irrigation to include the new beds.

I guess it all matters and we will be better prepared for next year...but for this year I will have to be satisfied with tomatoes, peas, beans, radishes, green onions, peppers and hopefully brussel sprouts, cabbage and eggplant. The potatoes, squash and watermelon will have to wait until next year.
My garden entry...a DIY project using solid wood closet doors with the panels removed and replaced with poultry fencing
Some of you may recognize this as my "sleepless night project"
The view as you enter the garden. The tomato plants here were started from seed inside my house. When I planted them out here they were all spindley. I really did not expect them to survive...but they did. Also have some volunteers
The view immediately to the right as you enter the garden. These tomato plants are ones that I bought...several different kinds here.
The grapevine has made a come back despite being chewed off at the ground over the winter by the rabbits
The lonely peach. I forget the name of this peach but it is a popular free stone. No issues with this tree.
This peach tree has something going on...I have not been able to determine if it is bacterial or fungicidal. So I am not sure how to treat it.
Elderberry in bloom. I know...why plant it when it grows wild here? I can just go into my backyard instead of rambling around in a swamp.
Blueberry...not doing as well as last year. I did not see any bloom on any of the blueberries this year.
The cabbage tent. Last year something attacked my brassicas...hoping that won't happen this year.
Cabbage...getting a slow start like everything else.
Yellow wax beans in the front - brussel sprouts in the back.
Eggplant is looking a bit yellow...maybe time for some fertilizer.
Sweet pepper planted in the same bed as the eggplant. It too is looking a bit yellow.
Flower and herb bed on the west side of the garden
Always need a bit of garden art
Herbs, peppers and eggplant bed against the fence
Thyme is in bloom
Garden spinner that we got for our anniversary from my mom and dad
Herbs by the cabbage tent
The toad abode amongst the flowers. Another sleepless night painting project.
Strawberry bed did not get made yet this year. Next Spring they will be transplanted to the proper place
Wormwood - a potent pyrethrin. Once this is large enough it will be used to make a natural pest deterent.
The outside of the fence on the backside of the garden. We attached poultry wire to the fence to prevent rabbits from digging in. Then covered it with landscape fabric and then with wood chips
Green onions coming along.
Peas starting to climb the fence. Lots of time yet to get a harvest.
Radishes should be ready in another week.
Yarrow!! I believe that I read a horror story about yarrow. Wished I had read that before I planted this. I will transplant it somewhere outside the garden where it can grow freely.

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