Asked on Jul 10, 2013

More Rose Problems...

Douglas HuntKris ColeMelissa Gutilla


Two of the three rose plants that I was having problems with in early Spring have survived. But now one of them has this yellowing on the leaves. can anyone help identify what the problem is so that I can treat it?
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  • Marilyn Highley
    on Jul 10, 2013

    Jayme, I'm not certain, but I think your roses have "rose mosaic virus". I would recommend taking some of the affected leaves sealed in a zip top bag to a plant specialist (county extension, nursery, local rose society) and ask for some help from them.

  • Melissa Gutilla
    on Jul 10, 2013

    Mine was turning yellow early this year and I sprayed it with a 3 and 1 for roses and it went away but now it is really turning yellow and the leaves are literally falling off!! I think I'm going to get some more of the spray stuff and see if it fixes it again! Fingers crossed!!

    • Kris Cole
      on Mar 28, 2014

      @Melissa Gutilla Hi! Just saw this again and have a question. Do you "feed" your roses. There are products that you place into the bed of the rose that will give it the nutrients it needs. That might help you :)

  • Kris Cole
    on Jul 10, 2013

    Do you use anything specifically made to feed roses? Phosphorous is important, but there are other things that a rose needs as well. The bone meal idea is a good one, and Rose fertilizer around the base of the rose is another. I use one by Ortho called Rose Pride. If you aren't feeding them, this may be your problem. It's so hard to say, but start with the basics.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 10, 2013

    The pattern of yellowing does suggest it may be rose mosaic. I would do as Marilyn suggests. If it is mosaic, there is little you can do. The good news is that it does not spread from plant to plant.

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