Sealing a new untreated Welcome Post

I bought a new "welcome" post with a hanging "bench seat" that I can put a plant in the seat or just put bird seed, since at the top of the post is a bird house, haven't decided which I will do,
Anyway; I have a question, I want to treat it with a waterproof stain or shalac (sp) so it will take the weather of South Georgia, too much sun, heat or too much humidity, and also, the bugs that I'm sure will attack the wood as soon as I put it in the ground.....ANY SUGGESTIONS for the BEST WATERPROOFING/WEATHER PROOFING and BUG PROOFING :)))).....??????? the picture that is posted looks like the wood on my birdhouse/post.....
q sealing a new untreated welcome post, outdoor living, painting
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