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Frogs in Your Water Features

Frogs are a sign of a healthy water feature, keeping them is not an easy job though! Read about them in this article by Aquascape:
Fun and Fascinating Frog FactsFrogs have been known to be hopping around the Earth’s surface for more than 200 million years. There are over 6,000 types of frogs that can be found leaping just about anywhere in the world. So how much do you think you know about this widely abundant species?Do you know the difference between a frog and a toad?Toads tend to have dry, bumpy skin and the frog has smooth skin.Frogs have small, fish-like teeth on their upper jaws whereas toads have no teeth at all.You will notice that a frog’s eyes tend to bulge from their heads whereas a toad’s eyes appear more recessed.A frog lays its eggs in tight circular batches whereas a toad lays its eggs in long strings.Did you know that frogs were the first land animals with vocal cords? Frogs are truly a fascinating species. Follow the link below to discover more fun facts, so that the next time a frog leaps into your pond, you can tell everyone what a fascinating species the frog truly is. Sources:
Check out more pond critters at:
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3 of 7 comments
  • Vicki
    on Jul 11, 2013

    I do love toads and frogs and want more of them in my yard to eat bugs, also, enjoy watching them in the live action.

  • Meem Kaplan
    on May 26, 2015

    I had frogs come and live at my pond until the snakes in the yard discovered them... Then the raccoons discovered the fish. Now we just use the pond for when our dog gets overheated catching the Frisbees.... But we still love it.

    • DORLIS
      on Aug 10, 2015

      @Meem Kaplan Been there and done that. Father had some goldfish in our pond and then the coons discovered that by slapping the water, the fish got curious and thought we were feeding them - end of fish. They flipped them out of the water and left skeletons on the bank. Have to have lots of water plants for them to hid under.

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