Another use for glass lamp shade

Our light fixture had two shades like the one in the there is one. Since I've been unable to find matching replacement, I'd like to do something creative with it. All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
q another use for glass lamp shade, repurpose unique pieces, repurposing upcycling, This is a reverse painted glass shade with 2 hole in the top
This is a reverse painted glass shade with. 2" hole in the top.
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  • Kathleen Kathleen on Jun 27, 2016
    Fit it with a plain bowl and you have a very nice serving piece.
    • JayEl JayEl on Jun 27, 2016
      Thanks for this idea..plug the hole, fill with ice add clear bowl in centre & fill wth fruit
  • Carolyn harvey Carolyn harvey on Jun 27, 2016
    make it a single hanging lamp, get kits from any hardware store. turn it up side down put a candle in it, big or small. I put mine in a gas fire place that had sand in it, turn it up side down put a candle in it. buy different shades for a fire place or in a garden, a bowl with sand in it then the shade up side down in it.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 27, 2016
    I would make it a solar light for outside.
    • JayEl JayEl on Jun 27, 2016
      I'm so thankful for all the suggestions I've received. Your idea may find a place along a path in one of my gardens. Thanks.
  • Lorraine Forrest Lorraine Forrest on Jun 27, 2016
    it is so pretty and with the colours you could even fill it with pincones and Christmas pretties
  • Pat Miller Pat Miller on Jun 28, 2016
    I could use this as a twine holder... I have the perfect spot . it is very pretty... I have also seen small lamps that this would look lovely on....
    • JayEl JayEl on Jun 28, 2016
      I guess I should have added that the shade is 12" in diameter. I like your idea but really the only surface I could put it on is our dining room table. Thanks for replying.
  • Tanya Tanya on Jun 28, 2016
    make a small fairy garden out of it.
    • JayEl JayEl on Jun 28, 2016
      Love this idea, Tanya. I have made one in an old birdbath....don't know why I didn't think of this.....guess that's why we have friends on Hometalk!
  • JayEl JayEl on Jul 02, 2016
    Thanks for the many helpful suggestions received. I have many on which to decide. Hometalk is an excellent source of ideas and answers. JayEl