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Here is another project that I made for my in-laws' new backyard oasis. As mentioned in a previous post, they just got rid of their pool and have created a hang out/fire pit/bar area where the pool once stood. My mother-in-law saw this concept and wanted me to make her one in order to hang items on outside and also for potential storage (the area between the pallet and the fence can be used to lay gardening tools such as shovels and rakes through--or if you have a pool, you can lay your pool noodles through there instead). She was really excited about how her organization rack came out and I was pleased as punch for another check in the box for pallet projects I've been able to do!
-shipping pallet
-4x4 ACQ (or 8' fence post)
-exterior acrylic paint (I used Behr, color was Tiki Torch)
-paint brush
-hooks (I ended up not using the hooks in the photo and purchased stainless steel and plastic ones instead.)
-hammer and nails
-measuring tape (not pictured)
-chop saw (optional, not pictured)
-jigsaw (optional, not pictured)
-drill and wood screws (optional, not pictured)
STEP 1: Paint your pallet
First you'll want to paint your pallet and 4x4. I used Tiki Torch Exterior Behr acrylic paint. At the time, I wasn't sure whether my in-laws would want to have the organizer rack freestanding or mounted to their fence so I painted everything. If you know that no one will be seeing the back of your organizer rack, don't worry about painting it...just do the front and sides.
STEP 2: Cut 4x4
Next, I cut my 4x4 in half with a chop saw. If you don't have a chop saw at home (which I'm sure most people don't), I believe you can have it done at Home Depot.
STEP 3: Remove blocks (Optional)
I'm not sure if every pallet is the same as far as structure but I had these little blocks between the front and back of the pallet that were not really sturdy so Rob (my husband) recommended I remove them. I used a jigsaw to cut them out and I slid my 4x4 in where the blocks originally were.
STEP 4: Attach pallet and 4x4
Next, with the 4x4 sandwiched between the front and back of the pallet, hammer it in place BUT ONLY ON ONE SIDE.
STEP 5: Measure "legs"
After you've hammered one side of the pallet, measure from the bottom of the pallet to the bottom of the 4x4. When you sandwich your 4x4 on the other side, you'll want to make sure that you get the same length from the bottom of the pallet to the bottom of the 4x4 so that the "legs" are even.
Once you've got both "legs" attached, measure horizontally across the top of the 4x4's, then across the bottom (these measurements should be the same) again, so that your rack is even and straight.
STEP 6: Secure back
Next, flip your pallet over and hammer the legs from the back for extra stability.
STEP 7: Secure rack to fence (optional)
As I mentioned before, my in-laws wanted their organization rack attached to their fence so I used wood screws to drill the back of the pallet to their fence. If you choose not to secure your organization rack to your fence, you will want to grab hole diggers and a bag of cement in order to have yours freestanding.
STEP 8: Attach hooks
Next, attach the hooks you chose. My in-laws love the beach (we live right down the road from it) and water activities--they have several kayaks--so I chose somewhat of a nautical theme for their hooks.
*Note: the silver hooks I used were stainless steel so they shouldn't rust.
I'm so happy that my in-laws love their organization rack--and again, I love love love the color! I could only find one super cute turquoise octopus hook but I still had to have it--I knew it would pop so well against the coral color.
Don't you love the color??! I'll have to take a picture of their little oasis all put together so that you can see it. They just got a tiki bar as well so it looks like you stepped into the Caribbean...sort of.
It clearly didn't take my father-in-law very long to throw a bunch of items on the hooks! I love all the color!!

Suggested materials:

  • Pallet
  • Behr exterior acrylic paint  (Home Depot)
  • Paint brush  (Home Depot)
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