Our Garden

We moved into our home the first week of Nov 2011. Since it was a new home, our backyard was nothing but sand..... I thought I'd post our progress.
Our Garden now
Backyard before we moved into our home
After the pool
I purchased a greenhouse kit and made the hypertufa path using a mold. The greenhouse has paid for itself with all the plants that I've grown from seed
My little Zen area
the back edging is a hypertufa mix. This area is for butterflies and birds...
This becomes my herb area
My husband and I put this greenhouse together ... ever tried that? fortunately we're not divorced LOL
I did this patio all by myself... not bad for a 59 yr young lady!
Fruit trees in and base plants/shrubs in....
this is the walkway we put in around the pool. Word of caution here, the inner area became a pond because we didn't have a way for the water to leave after heavy rains We (husband Jim) ended up digging under the walk to add drainage
Rosemary bed going in
Orchard - well... our fruit trees and well
Greenhouse now from pool area

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