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  • Rose S
    Rose S Marietta, GA
    on May 31, 2012

    Just incredible. I love it!!

  • Linda G
    Linda G Conestoga, PA
    on May 31, 2012

    What type of grass (?) seed did you use to seed the pathway? I would like to do this on the path to my outdoor pond. Thank You for any info you can share...

  • P R
    P R Live Oak, FL
    on Jun 8, 2012

    I love your walkways

  • Diane B
    Diane B Dublin, GA
    on Jun 8, 2012

    So much inspiration! Excellent source for ideas or remodels.

  • Doris H
    Doris H Tampa, FL
    on Jun 16, 2012

    lOVE THIS!

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