Asked on Jul 11, 2013

Traps for fruit flies indoors

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I have a lot of fruit flies and would like to know how to get rid of them, I have no fruit out on counters.
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  • LOL, got to love those names and how some stick... there are a ton of good tricks here

  • Phyllis W
    on Oct 18, 2013

    Hi Bob M, Did you get any replies to catch your fruit flies? I keep my romain lettuce and green onions out on the counter all the time. Rinse and repace the water every day or two. But I still get those little pests flitting around. I keep another container [white seems to be best] with water and dish soap in it. They go to that and get slipped right in. Juice, beer, wine any other liquid has been tried but no better results. Good luck.

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