How to Cast a Cement Garden Leaf

I love making these cement leafs for my garden or they even make wonderful gifts. Lets get started and I will show you just how easy it is.
You first will need to get started. Pick out any leaf with nice veins on the underneath side. A sand pile, plastic wrap, gloves ,mask, water, cement, and a bin or something to mix your cement in.
Shape you sand into a dome, making sure it's wide enough for the entire leaf to rest on with a few inches to spare. Now cover your dome with a piece of plastic wrap. The wrap will act as a barrier between the sand and the leaf, making clean up easier.
Put on your mask and gloves and mix up your cement. You will want to mix up enough cement to cover your leaf keeping the middle about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, and tapering out to the edges about 1/4 inches. Your cement should be like the feel of fudge. It shouldn't be to thin or it will run off the leaf.
Once you have covered your leaf with cement you then cover it with a plastic bag lightly over the top and secure with rocks on the corners, so it won't blow off. It takes a few days to set up depending on the size of leaf. You can begin checking after 24 hours. After it is completely dry gently turn it over. Do Not grab the edges when turning. Your middle (the thickest part) is the best area.
Now you start peeling off the leaf. Some of the leaf will stick in side the veins or other area's. That is normal and take a small pick or whatever you find that will work to get those area's. Peeling and clean up takes sometime to do on the bigger leafs.
Seal with a cement or outdoor sealer and your ready to paint or leave natural.
Since the 4th of July is just around the corner I decided to make mine red, white, and blue and even added a sparkling shine. Enjoy everyone!
My garden helper Bert. He loves getting into the spirit too.

Suggested materials:

  • Cement, gloves, ask, plastic wrap, sand, water, and tote.  (lowe's)

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  • Dsb6204526
    on Jul 3, 2016

    Where did you get the adorable fairy on the first leaf? Did you make that too? If so, how did you make it?

    • Teri
      on Jul 3, 2016

      No it was in my flower bed and I just sat it i n my leaf.

  • Minoosh Maalizadeh
    Minoosh Maalizadeh
    on Dec 21, 2016

    How did u get the detail and the notches all around the edges of your Leaf

    • Teri
      on Jan 1, 2017

      Your to sweet. I got a new tool for Christmas and can't wait to use it. I'm just not sure what I am going to make yet. Happy New Years

  • Mary mitchell
    Mary mitchell
    on Jan 27, 2017

    where do you get such big leaves ?

    • Teri
      on Feb 4, 2017

      This is the leafs I use for my cement leaf casting. It is called gunnera or dinosaur plant. The leafs can get 6 feet across,

      , This is the leafs I use for my cement leaf casting It is called gunnera or dinosaur plant

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  • Faye Hankins
    Faye Hankins
    on May 1, 2017

    Really good job but hard to find a leaf big enough here. I am going to check the large leaf magnolia and see if it has the veining needed. Thanks for the post
    • Teri
      on May 1, 2017

      Im forever checking out the back of leafs. I have used trees, flowers, pumpkin. Hosta or lily makes a smaller but pretty leaf. That size makes a great gift if you add cute hand soaps, candle, wash cloth and cover with a colored saran wrap.

  • Barb
    on Jan 20, 2018

    Very nice Teri those are huge leaves love it . I wish I had them when I made my solar fountain out of pumpkin leaves and grape leaves back in 2016.
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