Asked on May 31, 2012

Thought you might get a chuckle out of the ants we discovered eating the client's house!

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  • Hard to video it....but these buggers were 2-stories up in a corner of the house

  • We had a client with a foam EFIS wall system on their contemporary house. They had a pest company come in and treat with all sorts of bait and sprays but could not get rid of them. We were working in the house on the 2nd/3rd floor level and noticed carpenter ants all over the bathroom. It turned out that the ants were using the foam boards as their home. They hollowed out the foam into their galleries and were nesting in the stuff. We found this out when we pulled the vanity off the wall and found Styrofoam pellets tiny ones filling the wall cavities. When we traced the foam back it turns out they went up the wall to a parapet wall on the roof where they were coming and going quite freely. They had all the water in the world as the roof was flat and had puddles and rotted leaves and such. Once we removed the cap on the parapet wall and sprayed down behind the foam her ant issue went away. These buggers were living over 30 feet up in their own little penthouse and all the treatments done were always near the ground. No one even thought of going that high up.

  • Amazing how much damage carpenter ants can's so important for homeowners to manage water intrusion from gutters or roof leaks. At least you were persistent to trace where they were coming from. With this one, I just happened to get lucky and caught the little buggers while I was punch listing the job! Happy working!

  • Keller Pest Control
    on Jun 3, 2012

    how did you resolve the infestation

  • For us, we removed the water, baited and dusted. Fixed the openings and we were done. Ants no more. We did however open up a lot of wall area as there was a fair amount of damage along with frass in the wall cavities to clean up.

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