July 4th Serving Tray

We used a metal tray some UNICORN SPIT and some SPRAY POLY and the STARS are WHITE VINYL CUTOUTS
First off I cleaned this baby up really good ...it was already whiteish color so I decided not to paint it ...I guess I should say we decided not to paint it ...my 2 great granddaughters helped in this creation
I drew some lines on the tray not very good but good enough to help us out in what we were doing to the tray ....
then we painted the red stripes and I made the blue corner for the stars...we used Unicorn Spit ...when I told them that's what we were using they were like OH YEAH a SPITTING UNICORN !!!...then the 4 yr old asked me what a Unicorn looked like so I had to stop long enough to pull up a picture on the internet
we had some of the Unicorn Spit that we used to do the color with and some was a little messy but Nanny cleaned that up as good as she could ...after all the 2 great granddaughters are ages 4 & 6 so I have to give them credit they did a good job
here it is with all the messy splotches cleaned up.
And this is the 2 little girls that are so HAPPY with their TRAY after we put the POLY finish on it and let it dry ....Just look at their faces they are so Tickled at the way it looks and they said they are ready to do more SPITTING !!!

Suggested materials:

  • Metal tray  (I found this tray in my pile of stuff not junk I don't have junk I have stuff ......lo)
  • Star Vinyl Cutouts

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