I'm de-jungling my yard and removing most of the ivy, partly due to

the jungle-look effect, and partly to eliminate a friendly environment for snakes. I don't see snakes, but people tell me I can be sure they're out there. My neighbor's yard is full of uncontrolled ivy and she doesn't care what happens to it, so I'm probably going to go spray it to kill it. I have some ivy that I planted at the top of two retaining walls so it would drape over the wall (see photo) and I keep the part where it grows trimmed back but then there's the part that falls over the wall. That part, as you see, needs a trim, which I plan to do in a day or two. But, does the part that falls over the wall attract snakes? If so, I'll pull up ALL of the ivy and leave a bare wall. I'll stucco it or something to make it more attractive than a bare concrete wall.
i m de jungling my yard and removing most of the ivy partly due to, gardening, landscape
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