Iron works: What should I do with these?

I have had three of these heavy pieces of iron works for years and I can not think of a good up-cycle for them.
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  • Kandi Kandi on Jun 29, 2016
    Make a table!
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 29, 2016
    I will say they would make such a statement painted as a art sculpture if you are into gardening
  • MN Mom MN Mom on Jun 29, 2016
    Love @Kandi's table idea!!
  • DJ DJ on Jun 30, 2016
    How about Iron candle holders for outside or in kind of like these?
  • Bit By Bit Shop Bit By Bit Shop on Jun 30, 2016
    Flip upside down & make light sconces? Can a small light fit under that curved section? They could be used behind bedside table. Maybe use one for a fountain feature. I would most likely screw one to piece of wood & add key hooks along sides & one or two coat hooks at bottom. Good luck, nice pieces!
    • Debby Debby on Jun 30, 2016
      Good idea! I could even weld a piece of flat iron on it to make a place for the light.
  • Linda Linda on Jun 30, 2016
    Attach all three together to make a French planter. You can put it on a bare wall or under a window. I would paint them black and add hanging plants.
    • Debby Debby on Jun 30, 2016
      Good idea! I think they would have to sit on the ground because if I put them all together I would need heavy lag bolts to hold them up. They are that heavy.
  • Diane Nuckolls Diane Nuckolls on Jun 30, 2016
    spray paint in a bright color for each and hand them on your weathered fence. Place a solar light in the cup of each. They will look great. Spray and put a succulant in each cup with a little moss. Hang on fence and let go.
    • Debby Debby on Jun 30, 2016
      Another great idea. I knew the "hometalkers" would be able to save these pieces! Thanks!
  • Dwayne Dwayne on Jun 30, 2016
    Put a solar light on ir for outside
  • Jot3861103 Jot3861103 on Jun 30, 2016
    If it is cast you may not be able to weld it we use art work like this with a metal rod placed behind fastened with black zip ties to hold up large flowers like sasha daisies from falling over
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Jun 30, 2016
    They are beautiful. Give them to me! Problem solved.
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    • Johnchip Johnchip on Jul 02, 2016
      I like them as is. They have such character and should not be 'cleaned up' of changed from their original purpose. I would actually hang them in a straight line along a wall, indoors, or out, and use them for a small planter or vase as they were meant to be. Possibly once you find cups, planters, or the like to fit in the hole, candles might also work. But to loose the original purpose is a slap in the face to the craftsman and his work and the integrity of such beautiful pieces. They're perfect 'as is'. ( possibly cleaning a bit with a soft wire brush if real nasty, but not much more) Honor the craftsmanship, if you mask it with a modern eye you destroy what value they have and one more piece of art history is lost forever.
  • Linda Linda on Jun 30, 2016
    Just hang them on the wall in a cluster. They would really make a statement.
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Jun 30, 2016
    if the section that looks like a bowl has a little width/depth, line & put succulents or small vine in it.
  • Marvina Liechty Marvina Liechty on Jun 30, 2016
    Would make an interesting addition to a mailbox post, or for the top portion of a gate. Or paint it a pretty color to sit upright in your garden or yard. I do that with an iron piece that I have. It adds a pop of color to my landscape.
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Jul 01, 2016
    Your preference of rustic or bright colors --pretty accent on a patio or porch wall wrapped with mini string lights
  • Pamala Bishop King Pamala Bishop King on Jul 02, 2016
    If large enough: Make a garden bench. if small make the bench for children: use one on each end of bench (use pallet) they use 3rd one for the back.
  • Cas5481983 Cas5481983 on Jul 03, 2016
    Hang on fence or wall for fern or cascading plant. Keep natural finish or paint either would look great
  • CK CK on Jul 10, 2016
    I'd hang it on a fence if you have one.... or attach a post to it to insert it into the ground as a garden ornament. If you really can't think of a place you'd like to use it in your own home/yard, then sell it to someone who might enjoy it :-)