Asked on Jun 2, 2012

Kokoon Homes {green house in a box}

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Is anyone familiar with or has recommendatiions on the Kokoon Homes? and what about the soy insulation???
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  • Soy based insulation is not as green as you would think. It still uses chemicals as part of the process to "foam" or expand it. Only about 15% at most is used as a filler for the product. As far as quality, both good and bad reports on this material. But those reports depend upon who your asking. Like regular foam systems, its expensive. However the payback again like foam systems is really good. Quite often then not manufactures tout Green in order to make people feel comfortable about their product. When in fact, many green products cost the environment more in the process of manufacturing them then they would like you to know. Look at electrical cars being sold. Everyone thinks they are helping the environment. They forget the coal that is burned to generate the power to charge the batteries. The Foam system I use is delivered by a CPDS machine. This is simply a two part foam system that reacts when they mix. No heat is applied other then to help heat the tanks in improve the chemical reaction when its cold out. Once we hit 70 degrees the heat get turns off. Much like the larger foam systems. and Soy, its expensive not only to purchase, but the equipment is also on the pricey side.

  • Cooper S
    on Jun 2, 2012

    Thanks Woodbridge E. great information, I will keep in mind when making a decission. The kokoon homes has a steel frame, what type of insulation would be appropiate to maintain coolness/heat for living space and has anti allergenic properties?

    • Dave Rades
      on Aug 19, 2017

      Kokoon Homes Makes no claims other than we use one of the highest Natural/ water-borne content available today. Woodbridge , to my knowledge, has not contacted our company to get any facts. Kokoon has our foam specifically formulated to optimum balance for best all around performance. I suppose it is their "best guess" method. Contact Kokoon and we will send you MSDS reports and ratings. If anyone suggests they have allergies, we offer to send them a large sample. Over the life of Kokoon Foam it looses approximately 3-5% of initial r-value. Customers report power bills that are 30-50% less then they used to have. (one client has a 3500 sf home in Atlanta area and enjoys average monthly bills of around $130.00.!!...) We agree many "green" claims are made, not burning electricity for the life of the house has to be a big factor. Contact Kokoon Home KITS for any questions you or your contractor may have.
  • If you do not want the high expense of foam, which works great with metal, I would suggest you use EcoSeal We have used this product with great success. It is more then fiberglass, but less then foam. This should fit your bill nicely.

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