Asked on Jun 2, 2012

Anchoring a medicine cabinet to the wall...

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I bought a used medicine cabinet. Although it has hooks on the back to hang from, I am wanting to drill holes in the inside top corners to make the unit more secure on the wall. How would I do this and what tools would I need? Thank you!!
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  • If the cabinet has mounting holes in the corners, then simply have someone hold it in place while you mark them out. If not, You will need a drill with a 1/4 inch drill bit. Plastic anchor kit. This normally comes with drill bit, plastic anchors and screws. Screw driver and a small hammer and a small level. Using the 1/4 inch drill bit drill four holes one in each corner. Not to close about one inch from the edges. (you will need room to use screw driver) Then like before place cabinet against wall, make sure its level and have someone hold it there in place while you mark out the openings you just drilled. Remove the cabinet drill the holes for the plastic anchor kit push the plastic anchors into the wall, and if needed tap them into place with the hammer. They should fit tightly. Put the cabinet to the wall again and install the screws. If you find when you drill the holes that your hitting a wall stud, stop and use a smaller drill bit on that location. This then will provide the pilot hole for the screw in that location and eliminate the need for the plastic anchor in that location.

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