Dorm decorating

Friends-I am about to move my oldest child to college. The Freshman dorm room comes with a bed, desk, and open closet with a very high , long shelf( no closet door,( thinking of hanging a curtain or shower curtain, to make it look neater.) We're getting him the typical: mini fridge and microwave, and we have a white, wire-type of drawer unit -free-standing- from Home Depot, that he'll put in the closet, to use as a bureau I've already gone to the dollar store and bought him bins/ baskets/ separators for the desk, because the drawers are just very large, undefined drawers, not good for a somewhat disorganized teen, and I bought bins and organizers for the top of the desk, also at the dollar Tree( which is the best dollar store we have in s FL)and some boxes/bins for the closet shelf. His favorite color is red. I saw a red/tan reversible comforter at've looked online together and he likes the red, brown, tan or beige combo.Does anyone who has been through the dorm thing have any tips?
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