Solar Terra Cotta

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I wanted to brighten up my backporch with some solar lights so grabbed some unicorn spit and went to work!
I took a terra cotta pot and sealed with modge podge. Then selected orange and yellow colors of Unicorn Spit and dabbed on my pot. Then sealed with poly spray. Attatched the solar light and glued it in and added some raffia.
I liked it so much I did another one using blues and greens. Unicorn Spit colors are so vibrant and so easy to use. If you dont like your colors you just wash it off and start again. My spit smells refreshingly like jasmine.

Suggested materials:

  • I used contrasting colors of Unicorn Spit, terra cotta pot, modge podge, poly sealer, solar light an   (Unicorn Spit can be purchased online or at area distributors; pots at Home Depot; solar lights at Wa)

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