Asked on Jul 3, 2016

Suggestions for this?

Debra HickmanPete SakesCarol Boothe


I have a slab of concrete out my back door and I'm turning it into a covered patio. I've had this goodie for a while now. Any fun suggestions?
-goodie = basket like thing, not the kid or the dog.. lol
I'm a country french kind of gal..
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  • Sharonlw
    on Jul 3, 2016

    How about as a base for a table?Sure would be unique.

    • Cheryl
      on Jul 4, 2016

      I like the idea you have as a table base. If it for s large table , use a small acrylic piece for a coffee or side table

  • Colleen
    on Jul 3, 2016

    How about a protection cover over a small outdoor fire pit. Use cover to keep anything out ONCE THE FIRE HAS GONE OUT!

  • Jessica Serrano-Gregg
    Jessica Serrano-Gregg
    on Jul 3, 2016

    I'm a shabby chic kinda of gal mixed in with a boho flow and pop of color. I saw this and one, I want one! Two, what's your vision for it? I instantly saw it hanging from the center of a gazebo, draped in white hanging lights. And decorated with strips of tulle and pretty strands of beads and crystals. There's so MANY ideas that instantly came to my mind. I think it's big enough to hang on its creating a shabby chic sitting area by tying large pieces of tulle or the netting ( crinoline is cheaper and more durable and comes in lots of colors) cascading down and making your own "gazebo" of sorts. Send it to me, I'll fix her up, then send it back! Lol Tell me where /how you're really wanting to use this and I'll spew more ideas to you! Where on earth did you find such a fabulous item? The kid is pretty cute too :)

    • Michelle Dodd
      Michelle Dodd
      on Jul 4, 2016

      Use strings of LED christmas type lights. Use a chain to hang it, it doesn't look light weight. Have the light strings radiate out from the center, wrapping them around the wicker.

  • Layce
    on Jul 4, 2016


  • Cindy
    on Jul 5, 2016

    Hanging light, either like Jess and Michelle said or more rustic with an Edison bulb..... either way, it's beautiful!

  • Vicki Cain
    Vicki Cain
    on Jul 5, 2016

    I agree with Jess Gregg make it the center or your gazebo with sheer fabric and white lights strung though and around it. You could secure the fabric to the corner post and then make curtains from post to post that can either stay open or closed depending on what you'd like. Please post pictures when you decide what you want to do.

  • Oksana Radionova
    Oksana Radionova
    on Jul 7, 2016

    Turn it upside down and use as a basket for throws and pillows? Whatever it is, I feel like I need it in my life... haha

  • Carol Boothe
    Carol Boothe
    on Jul 8, 2016

    How sturdy is the basket thing? If sturdy enough hang it,sideways with a little tilt to the back, add cushions and pillows and now you have a cozy swing.

  • Pete Sakes
    Pete Sakes
    on Jul 10, 2016

    I have an old wooden birdcage that I use in my bedroom with a night light. It's not quite that big but the shadows on the wall and ceiling is beautiful.

  • Debra Hickman
    Debra Hickman
    on Jul 28, 2016

    reinforce it with some plywood between each brace and add some batting under the top portion, put a piece of wood on the bottom and create a footstool.

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