Any Drywall Experts?

Help! Remodeling our main bathroom and the 48" vanity is about 5/16ths too wide for the space. We've cut the drywall down below the top of the cabinet to slide it in. We're trying to decide whether to leave it devoid of drywall on that one side, put 3/8inch. luan or dw in, tear out the whole wall on that one side & put a whole sheet of 3/8 dw in. If we leave the wall devoid; we'd need a filler wood. The area for the filler is not square & would look ridiculous. I'm all for tearing out the dw & putting new 3/8 in, but...there would be a nice gap at the ceiling if the drywall comes short of the wall. What to do? Any suggestions would be welcome.;D
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