Asked on Jul 4, 2016

I need a safe way to get rid of roaches

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I live in a townhome between two neighbors. A roach problem has developed mainly in the kitchen area. How can I eliminate the problem without using harmful chemicals?
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  • Lig5237167
    on Jul 5, 2016

    living in nc we had them too - with pets dont like using chemicals - take a teaspoon of sugar, mix with borax, put on a plate UNDER a weighted box (like a berry box with a brick), and put where pets/kids cant get to it. they will eat the mix, and die. have another recipe - will find and post.

  • Fou5738979
    on Jul 5, 2016

    I used baby powder and that work for me.

  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Jul 5, 2016

    baking soda a dash of sugar into a flat pan.

  • Charly
    on Jul 5, 2016

    All of the previous answers may work, but in order for the process to really succeed you need to get your neighbors on both sides of you involved in the solution because the only thing that will happen is that you will chase the roaches to one or both of your neighbors and eventually they will take up residence in your home again.

  • Yea6075134
    on Jul 5, 2016

    A few bowls of beer setting around areas where you see them most. Apparently they love beer. Works GREAT

  • Haymur
    on Jul 5, 2016

    Do you own a keurig coffe maker? Apparently roaches love these and hide out on the underside. Ckeck the internet regarding this. Iknow two different families that complained as you hsve and they both had them got rid of them and no more roaches

  • Re
    on Jul 5, 2016

    There used to be a nonpoisonous powder called roach pruf. It was borax. You put it where they have their path ways and they track it back to their colony. Highly toxic to roaches, not to people or pets.

  • Linda Johnson
    Linda Johnson
    on Jul 5, 2016

    Boric Acid powder is what our exterminated used in the restaurant. He put it around the edges of the moldings around the floor and around the edges of the inside of cabinets. It's non-toxic, so could be used in areas with food. They found there were roach eggs on the back of the wheat pasted wall paper used to decorate this new restaurant. It was quite a challenge to get rid of the roaches. This worked and we had immediate results. They walk through it, carry it back to their nest & it kills them all.

  • Michelle J Hall Johnson
    Michelle J Hall Johnson
    on Jul 5, 2016

    Cats ! 2 is best. I moved into an apartment and saw a 2-3 inch roach before moving in. brought in 2 cats. No more roaches. Also works for other bugs. Condo in Virginia plagued with crickets. 2 cats = found dozens of cricket legs under back door. Cats love bugs.

  • Marion L. Herath
    Marion L. Herath
    on Jul 5, 2016

    I mix sugar or flour with boric acid. and make little containers of tin foil, and place them in my cupboards and garage, no roaches.

  • She
    on Jul 5, 2016

    boric acid is TOXIC to humans & pets- but mix with 1//5 sugar & paint on walls-baseboards- it does work quite well- put mix in small jar lids _ under fridge-, places where cats-dogs kids do not go {under stove} .

  • Jamo Smith
    Jamo Smith
    on Jul 5, 2016

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is non-toxic to people and pets, but kills all kinds of bugs. It is available from ALWAYS use Food Grade.

  • Martha
    on Jul 6, 2016

    Diatomaceous Earth works wonders. lay down a good line along baseboards. I use an old credit card to push it along and under the baseboard also open all light switches and electrical outlets and scoop teaspoons full into the openings. anywhere they can hide or crawl out of put it. I haven't seen a bug in years. Works on bed bugs also.

  • Maxine Sheehan
    Maxine Sheehan
    on Jul 9, 2016

    Any really fine powder, flour, talcum powder etc., will suffocate roaches. They don't have lungs, they breathe through vey tiny holes in their legs is a simple way of explaining them. so anything really fine will block the holes, and stop them breathing. I suggest, however that all three houses be fumigated, because they'll just spread.

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