Asked on Jun 4, 2012

After stripping old wallpaper tried to prime and paint but seemed to get bubbles under a thin layer of paper.

BillPeace Painting Co., Inc.Woodbridge Environmental


may be backing from old wallpaper or the paper from the drywall. It had never been primed before the wallpaper was first installed now what do I need to do?
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  • What happened is you did not get the thin layer of wall paper off and the residual glue that holds the paper to the wall has reacted to the latex paint and softened up. You need to sand the bubbles now, and use a oil base primer to seal the wall. This will help prevent any future reactions of moisture that has caused the old glue to swell up. You may need to spackle the bubble areas to smooth things up. But do this after you prime and it has dried. Once dry spackle the areas, then prime those areas to bring the wall back up to a level surface so the patches do not show through your final coat of paint.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Jun 5, 2012

    That's right, oil primer. Now, cut out the bubbles and prime again with oil. Then you can start your wall repair with a final prime of latex. With old paper, it's a multi-step process, sometimes going over the same area multiple times.

  • Bill
    on Jun 20, 2012

    Did the bubbles go away or deminish some what after the paint dried? If so then the paper face on the sheetrock got lifted when the paper was removed. It's common to occur when dry-stripping the top layer to make wetting down then removing the backing easier. There's a water-based product made by Zinsser called Gaurdz that was made just for that problem. You cut out the blisters with a razor knife then apply the product. Once dry you patch the areas, retexture the spots if needed then repaint. Zinsser's website will have all the info you need.

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