Asked on Jul 17, 2013

Planting a garden beside a fence

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When you plant a garden beside a fence, is it ok for the dirt to be as tall as the lowest board? Will that cause the fence to rot prematurely?
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  • Sia@South 47th
    on Jul 17, 2013

    I take it you have a wood fence? And you are wanting to plant right up against it? Is the wood treated or raw? Generally, if you plant right against a wood fence, the wood will rot. Why? Because you are watering and putting stress on the fence with the dirt and plants.

  • Kimberley Colville
    on Jul 17, 2013

    Yes it is a painted wood fence and I would like to plant the garden right beside it.

  • Just keep the dirt off of it. perhaps place a rubber edge that you use along where the grass meets the garden or a landscape timber to keep the soil off of the fence boards just to protect it from moisture decay. Even if the fence is treated wood and painted, you do not want earth/wood contact. Not only decay but insects find this as something to eat.

  • Kimberley Colville
    on Jul 18, 2013

    Thank you so much for the advice.

  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    on Jul 29, 2015

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