Asked on Jun 5, 2012

I need to ask a question of the carpenter experts in my network.

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I had some rotton wood replaced with treated lumber on outside of my condo. Does this need to dry out for a while before it it primed with oil based primer and painted? One painter said yes and one said no. It's supposed to start raining and continue for 3 days. Need an answer ASAP please. Thanks.
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  • In LA you need to wait several weeks for the lumber to dry out properly. The chemicals used in treated lumber need to dry. Then you need to use a oil based stain type paint. Any house paint used will simply peel away in short order. The paint needs to breath. Here is a post by Fine Home Building that I posted early today on the topic of joist hangers. The bottom of the 2nd page talks about proper painting/sealing of this type of lumber. Hope it helps. The one question I would have would be what trims did they replace with treated lumber? Did they use stainless nails or screws? The new treated lumber has a increase of copper in it. This metal can react with other metals and cause corrosion and fastener failure. Be sure they used the correct materials for the job.

  • Pam
    on Jun 5, 2012

    Thanks. I told the painter this morning we need to wait several weeks before priming and painting. He is going to use an oil based stain primer when he paints several weeks from now. I thought I was correct when I told him he needed to wait yesterday but needed your expert opinion. And yes, I knew you would be the one I could count on to answer my question. You always come though when needed. Thanks for your response and on behalf of all the members you help. You're the greatest. Glad you're in my network. Keep up the great work. He used nails. It was some large think boards along the bottom of my condo, a window eave (I guess that's what it's called on the botton of the window outside. It was spongy and crumbly. He did a great looking job yesterday and caulked. I told him I would keep tract of the time for drying out the new wood and he can prime and paint down the road depending how much humidity an rain we have in the next several weeks. Bob, again, thanks loads.

  • Pam
    on Jun 5, 2012

    I printyer out the blog and am giving to the painter for his reference.

  • Bill
    on Jun 20, 2012

    You should ask the contractor that did the work since he was smart enough to use treated lumber. Many contractors that specialize in home repairs buy treated lumber for future jobs and keep those stored so the chemical solutions can evaporate out before being used. That way there's no delay for painting so they get paid in full faster plus makes the property owner happier!

  • Keemee
    on Nov 12, 2015

    My friends were told to let their treated lumber porch sit for a year before painting. They didn't. Paint did not stay. It was a mess. We live in Louisiana.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Jan 17, 2020

    Hopefully you got your answer. It’s a Catch 22 when it rains and you’re waiting for the chemicals to dry out.

    I have used water-based paints on treated deck framing and they’re fine.

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