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The green bushes are in the front of my home. I thought they were rhodedendron. I am thinking now they aren't as they don't bloom. ( We bought the house one year ago) The shrubs in the back all leafted ou nicely then in like two days have started dropping all their leaves. I see no bugs, no real black spots. YOu see one still has its leaves so far. Need help
Shrubs in front of home
Shruberry in back
The deleafing
The deleafed
Last summer they stayed leafy green all summer. We moved in in JUne and they were green all summer
But not this summer
The deleafing continues
This is in front of the house
In front of the house
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  • Teresa D
    on Jun 5, 2012

    Wow. I'd be interested to hear some of the theories on this one. It looks as though the ones in the front get more sun? Is that the case? Was there something added on to the house in the back when you purchased the house that considerably increased the shade?

  • Erica Glasener
    on Jun 5, 2012

    Betty, the evergreen in front of the house is called Anise, the botanical name is Illicium parviflorum. A good shrub, the flower is insignificant but the foliage will look good year around. The shrubs in the back look like they may be a type of euonymous alataus (winged euonymous or burning bush). They typically don't loose their leaves until autumn after they turn brilliant red. Have they dried out? It could be they are dropping leaves due to heat and drought stress? If you decide to replace them, native azaleas would be great with fragrant flowers and no pest or disease problems. Other choices would be Itea (Virginia sweetspire, spring blooms and fall foliage that turns red). Hope this helps.

  • Betty
    on Jun 5, 2012

    Helps a lot Erica. They did turn brilliant red this fall. We have had a lot of rain I would be surprised if that is the issue, but must admit I have not watered them. Spring came and the leafed out beautifully , but then just starting doing this. Now an aside. We did just (approx a month ago ) have our deck pressure washed and stained. I wondered if some of that caused this, but it did nto happen time appropriate. I did not think anyway. In the front good to know the name, Anise seems to be very healthy. The flower in front are knock out roses. The owner had planted. I am thinking about replacing or putting some hydrangeas in the front.

    • Judy
      on Feb 16, 2014

      @Betty You really should be watering the shrubs at least once a week in the summer if you don't want them to dry up.

  • Mildred H
    on Jun 5, 2012

    I'm w/ Erica. They are Burning Bushes.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Jun 5, 2012

    If the burning bushes suddenly dropped leaf after the deck work, I think it maybe chemical damage. You can leave them and see if they will recover.

  • Betty
    on Jun 28, 2012

    A few bright green leaves are returning on top of the you think they will come all the way back or is it too late. They all completely lost their leaves.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Jun 28, 2012

    I would wait and see Betty, you have given them almost a month and they are starting to come back. I would wait a few more weeks and see what happens

  • Kelp4Less
    on Aug 21, 2013

    Do you use any supplements? We have a pack to increase blooms (could just be it's not producing like it's supposed to) - here is the link, just in case -

  • Caren Coleman
    on Aug 25, 2013

    put coffee grounds on them ..used of course mine did the same they need some thing in it !!!

  • Kelp4Less
    on Aug 26, 2013

    @Caren Coleman, it's the nitrogen in the coffee grounds. :) It's great stuff!!!

  • Wanda sinnema
    on Sep 25, 2013

    BURNING BUSH COMPACTA,,,,,, is the plant.... have a FANTASTIC FALL COLOR...... no real blooms,, known for the foliage in fall, RED-RED-RED.....,, you see lots of them in parking lots, along freeways here-spectatular when you see a row 50-100 ft. long.. I have 3... if you power washed, cleaned or sprayed anything close, it might be chemical burn from overspray or the cleaning.. I'd leave it alone till next spring,, fertilize and water as usual, you could then pull it out and put in something else if it does not come back....I'd say rody,,, for evergreen color..The one in the fron looks different than the ones in the back..

  • Marilynn Gillespie
    on May 3, 2015

    This shrub is called a Burning Bush, Green in spring and summer and in the fall they turn a flaming red. It does not bloom but is known for its everchanging colorful leaves.

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