# Budget upgrade Good Bye Popcorn Ceiling

2 Days

What an easy and relatively inexpensive way to cover up the 80's popcorn ceiling . No mess no scraping. Just glue up ( we used cheap caulk for the adhesive) These ultra lite tiles made of recycled Styrofoam are easy to cut and can be painted.It would have cost around $1200 to have the old ceiling scraped down and another $1200 to have it refinished and painted . I spent around $600 total. I think it looks fantastic and with out all the mess !
good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
Only 2 more cut pieces to go.
good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
Place the tiles as close together as possible.
good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
We dropped a chalk line to find the center ( which just happened to be under the ceiling fan.) and started laying the tiles out from there.
good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
changed out the ceiling fan
good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling
good bye popcorn ceiling, tiling

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  • Lee Anne Sellare
    on Oct 4, 2018

    What is the name of the company that makes /sells these tiles????

    • Son374388
      on Oct 8, 2018

      They sale the real one at Lowes, for a cheaper version that I've heard looks great made from Styrofoam, order online from wal-mart.

  • Tammy
    on Nov 10, 2018

    Question ladies,,,,, was the $600 worth of tiles for just one room or the whole house? Much cheaper than scraping and prettier too. My only concern would be, whether you use caulk as glue or liquid nails as the adhesive, I'm afraid with some time, it would pull the popcorn junk right off the sheet rock and then you would be having to re-glue, but be sure your new glue adheres to the sheetrock and not just the popcorn surface stuff. Trust me, I know all too well the horrors of popcorn since I just scraped 2000 square feet myself! YES, all by my darn self and after all the dust had settled and I cleaned up, I painted with 2 coats of semi gloss white. Trick is, scrap the bumps off, but don't completely remove the surface because it's almost impossible to get a seamlessly perfect smooth finish. The plaster stuff that holds the little bumps in place leaves a nice little texture to hide any imperfections. If you want to do it this way, DO NOT spray it to scrape it. That keeps dust down, but makes an equally nasty mess that sticks to everything it lands on, and you can't leave that little texture when you wet it. I'm selling this house and moving at the end of the month to another home that has Gawd awful popcorn! I just might do this little styrofoam tile thing because it's so cute and easy. Just wondering about the glue thing though. Let me know if there's been any problems later. Thank!😁

  • Curtis
    on Dec 1, 2018

    Can you please tell me where you get those tiles I am really interested in doing my knew house I just bought to get rid of the ugly popcorn ceiling...I found you did a really good job and it looks amazing ...please get back to me so I can do the same as you.....thank you very much

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