Faux Terrarium DIY

8 materials
15 Minutes
This easy no maintenance, faux terrarium DIY is so easy to make. Plus it's a great gift idea for small party favors or teacher gifts. And because it’s a faux terrarium you never have to worry about it dying!
Once you've gathered all of your materials you are ready to begin making your faux terrarium. Begin by twisting the ends of the two mushrooms together. Then twist the ends up onto themselves so they sit the desired height in the glass vial when placed inside.
Now place a few small pebbles or stones in the bottom of the vial. Add the mushrooms to the vial so the center of the stems are surrounded by the first layer of rocks. You can use tweezers to help you to position the mushrooms properly.
Next, add some stone white gravel to the vial so it falls around the stems of the mushrooms. Add to desired height. Alternately, you can use colored stones to fit a specific color scheme you may be looking for so it suits your party or home decor.
Follow by adding sand to the glass vial as desired.
Using tweezers or a pencil, add the reindeer moss to the vial. Position it around the mushrooms so the stems are no longer visible and the mushrooms appear to be growing out of the moss.
Finally, screw the lid onto your glass vial and the tag by tying it around the neck of the bottle with baker’s twine. Your faux terrarium is now complete!
Side Note: You can also make these into magnets by using E6000 to glue two 1/4 x 1/16 neodymium magnets (also known as a rare earth magnet) to the back of your faux terrarium. You'll want to place a magnet at both the top and bottom back of the glass vial so it stays upright on your fridge.
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Suggested materials:

  • 8 dram glass vials with a black phenolic cone lined cap (one for each terrarium)
  • Small rocks, pebbles and/or stone white gravel
  • Preserved chartreuse reindeer moss
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Rebecca D. Dillon
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